The Band Channeled by Willow Sibert

The Band Channeled by Willow Sibert

“Good Evening! We always begin our sessions with that greeting. You see, evening is the perfect time of the day. The moment between dark and light, night and day. It is the moment when all is still, when all is in its most perfect element. – The moment between yin and yang. It is why we will always begin our work with the ‘evening’.

Who is ‘The Band’, you ask? We are a collective energy of many souls and former personalities that have existed on the earth plane in physical form throughout the ages. Our personalities include Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie, Thomas Jefferson, Amelia Earhart, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Samuel Hahnemann, Gregory Bateson, and many others. We speak as one, and we speak as individuals. “The Band” is a “band” of energy – much like a frequency of energy, and contained within this band is much of the information that resonates to medicine, science and mathematics. That is where our information lies – that is what our information is like.

Much like a musical band, we are come together in perfect harmony; individuals that play separately, but when we play together, we are much bigger than the sum of the individual parts. Just like the band, or an orchestra, the music is sweet; the message is powerful.

We have been communicating with our ‘channel’, Willow, for many years and in many different forms, and it is of late, that we have collectively, (she and we), decided to channel our information to a much larger and broader audience – we want to play in the big leagues. And so we are.

As you get to know us better, you will find that we have quite a sense of humor, so please, enjoy our messages, and if you have questions that you would like to have a response to, we will be happy to respond.

And so we will be sharing with you as much as you are willing to ask. You see the asking is of the essence. The asking is where the answer lies. That which you ask is that which you are prepared to hear. Be prepared for the answers that you shall receive.”

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