Willow channels “The Band” — read about them on the “Meet the Band” page (click on the tab above). She offers group and individual sessions to answer big picture questions about world events and/or personal challenges. Sessions can be live psychic readings or other types of psychic help in the format of email psychic readings (sign up for your free email psychic readings messages from “The Band” in the spaces provided).

Many times the channeled message for one person gives psychic help to another person in the group. The information received gives you fresh insights into your experiences. You will find Willow’s information to show an authentic psychic, a professional psychic who can tap information as a clear channel with less bias in the interpretation of the messages than you may experience with other psychics, mediciums, or channels.

Depending on the venue, Willow and the Band can meet with one to several hundred people at once. Please contact support [at] practicalpsychic [dot] com to learn more and schedule your session or group event.

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