Leap! The Movie

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If you’re ready for a movie that stretches far beyond secrets and melts the rabbit hole, turn on LEAP! and let your adventure begin. If you saw The Secret or What The Bleep, but felt you wanted more depth and meaning, you are ready to go on a journey far beyond where those films left off. Youre ready for LEAP!

Two filmmakers set out to explore the ancient spiritual idea that our world is an illusion. As their journey deepened they were taken on a cosmic adventure to the source of reality itself, and through personal breakthroughs to more love, abundance and creativity than they thought possible. Along the path they made discoveries that will change your life profoundly for the better.

LEAP! features interviews with many of the greatest visionaries, scientists and authors in the world today. It is mind-expanding, heart-opening, and a real treat for the senses. Includes Dan Millman,  Gary Renard, Robert Scheinfeld, Joe Vitale, Eckhart Tolle, Peter Russell, Jed Mckenna, Richard Bach, Gay Hendricks, James Twyman, Proof Neale Donald Walsh