Spirituality can change your life and bring you to a state of peace, serenity, happiness, hope and most of all joy. How much better would your life become if you experienced these emotions daily?

Understanding your birthright of health, wealth, happiness, joy, and abundance will make a tremendous difference in your life and in your outlook.  The universe wants all of this for everyone who has prepared themselves to receive it.

Once you become spiritually aware you will no longer experience emotions of worry, strife, uncertainty, fear, depression, or any of those emotions that render you helpless, if only for a moment. Your thoughts will become perpetually positive and  you will become perpetually happy.

The ‘higher self’ will allow you to come to know that you are more than material possessions and worldly accomplishments. For, what are these things if they do not bring you peace, joy and happiness? And what do they matter if you are not joyful… and instead, your heart becomes hardened by life’s injustices?

You will come to recognize that you are an eternal being and that most of what you believe is no more than an illusion of the ego that you do not have to be a part of.  

By not having to buy into illusions you will become free from judging others which allows you to be kinder, more loving and forgiving of yourself and others.

It has been said that when you are in remote locations such as the desert, the mountains, the beaches, the woods, or the forest — that this is a perfect time to commune with and awaken the spirit. If you find yourself in any of these places you can begin your spiritual quest.

Ultimately, you will come to realize that the kingdom of heaven is within. You will stop seeking a supreme being outside of yourself and instead look within for answers. Know thyself will take on new meaning.

You will understand that you were made in the image of God… that you must be like God or that you are God yourself. You will come to understand that you possess the ability to create as your Father does.

Initially, all of this may be a bold and alarming concept for you to accept. Eventually you will begin to slowly assimilate this as being your ‘higher self.’

However, the final revelation that should be responsible for sequestering your raging fire into an everlasting burning flame, is that you and your Father are One and …

That through his only begotten son is your salvation, redemption and atonement…and which thereby contains the knowledge that joins Jesus, your father and your brotherhood as One who all made this universe together.

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