Inspirational Sayings from “The Band”

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A channel is a type of psychic who can act as a vessel or medium for non-physical spirits or intelligence to communicate with physical beings. Some channels offer inspirational sayings, inspirational messages and motivational thoughts.

It is important to be sure that your channel will summon only information intended for the highest and best good of you and all others in the universe.

Among the most famous channels are Esther Hicks who channels Abraham. Like Hicks-Abraham, Willow Sibert and “The Band” offer a timeless new spiritual perspective on life and living. The psychic messages  are motivational and inspirational that can help you move past the everyday worries, cares, and concerns.

Review of Psychic Source

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Is Psychic Source Worth it?

Are they a viable ( and valuable) “source” for gaining illumination, insight and understanding of your TRUE destiny and purpose…..or are they simply just another mediocre psychic readings service you probably want to avoid?

Okay, but let’s first explore why you are probably interested in getting a psychic reading in the first place!

While very popular, psychic readings online are DEFINETLY a niche market and with so many skeptics out there, they probably aren’t for everyone!
So…..if if I had to guess, you are probably someone who:

  • # Has Already Had a Positive or Transformational Encounter with a Medium, Inuitive or Psychic Reader in the Past.
  • # You are Predisposed to be Open Minded to Psi Phenomenon in General and Believe that There Is MUCH About This Universe (and Those of Us Who Inhabit it) That We Just Don’t Fully Understand
  • # You Have Probably Have Personal Issues that Are Weighing You Down or Prove Burdensome,.and you Understand the Value in Getting “Guidance” from Sources that May Have VERY Special Skills and Insights That the Majority of Us Simply Don’t Have!
  • # You Are Excited, Passionate and Enthusiastic About Being the Very BEST You Can Be…and are an Adventurous Spirit to Who Likes to Experiment with Interesting Experiences

If this sounds a lot like you, you will probably find Psychic Source a wonderful place to get answers.

Is Psychic Source New?  Or Have They Been Around for a While?

Actually,as far as psychic services goes, a long time!  They’ve been peforming intuitve insights and services since roughly 1989, and were one of the very first to come on the online scene as well.   Altogether, just about 20 years worth of experiences and insight in the professional readers network clearly establishes tham as the primary, pioneering, and pre-emiment choice for a professional psychic reading you can trust.

Are they a Large Network?  How Many Unique Readers are Available?

Good questions!  And absolutely, when it comes to picking a psychic network that meets you INDIVIDUAL needs, size DOES matter after all..:-) They employ well over One Hundred Intuitives, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Tarot Card Readers and MORE at any given time, and have a very restrictive hiring policy as well. (ensuring you get only the very best available intuitive talent when you call)  

As a matter of fact, they claim that only 6% of the readers who apply are accepted, which is another very unique positioning in a marketplace FULL of fakes, or even those with limited talent who may be well intentioned…..but who are NOT gifted enough to want to pay for a reading.

Basically, when you call Psychic Source, you’re getting a reading you can trust, from a reader who is the BEST of the best, and who promises to give you the best counsel their abilities allow.

Does Psychic Source Focus on any ONE given area of Reader?  Past Life?  Tarot?  Mediumship?

Not at all.  As above, they have a wide variety of skilled readers, who have profound experience in many different spiritual, life and relationship issues and are more than happy, willing ( and able) to provide guidance in any area of your life that you feel needs attention.

How About a Money Back Guarantee?  Or Special Rates or Coupons?

Another great question….and yes, they offer a satisfaction guaranteee that REQUIRES you do be happy with your reading, or you get your money back.  This is one of the biggest reasons we are comfortable recommending Psychic Source, as they truly take the “risk” out of the proposition completely.   *Update*  As of this writing Psychic Source is advertising a “10 Minutes for 10 Dollars” special for ALL first time customers, giving you the EASY opportunity to test their abilities for a buck a minute…..and again, you are being given a great guarantee EVEN if you are a skeptic ( as many of us are)  – If you don’t like the reading, they’ll give you a refund, OR, another reading for free to prove to you they are as good as advertised!

The Bottom Line on Psychic Source?

Recommended.  (and we don’t recommend a ton of psychic services)  They are an honest, talented and gifted group of readers and WELL worth checking out….even if you’re a cynic, skeptic or non believer.  Plus, you’ve got nothing to lose, and thee services are GUARANTEED to impress you, or you don’t pay a dime.  

Check out Psychic Source Here….. and get a reading SO amazing, it will literally blow you away!

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